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Leading Provider of Educational Collaboration and  Partnership between UK and China

Sino UK Links is a leading provider of educational collaborative partnership between UK and China. We are committed to promote the communication and cooperation in education between the UK and China to boost a bilateral win-win cooperation in between.

It is also great opportunity for the schools, colleges and universities to increase their international cooperation and network to promote their global image. It is also great method to meet the objectives and expectations of inspection criterias such as the Ofsted Framework.

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We are one of the largest Education agencies in the UK.

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For Individuals
  • Modify personal statements and other materials.
  •  Professional one-on-one consultation, and tailor-made study abroad program.
  •  Apply to multiple UK universities (refer to the relevant contract terms).
  •  Free access to campus tours, London education shows, admissions seminars and interviews.
  •  Communication and coordination with the applied universities after the application is submitted, course change and academic credit certification.
  •  Visa consultation.
  •  Various types of visa services: student visa, working visa, travel visa and immigration
  •  Follow-up services: tuition fee payment, accommodation booking, and airport pick-up services.
For Organisations
  •  Information of the UK universities.
  •   Organize UK universities to visit the organisation, and participate in educational conferences and exhibitions, conduct interviews, seminars and other marketing activities.
  •   Helping establishing partnerships with UK universities such as cooperative courses, cooperative schools, mutual recognition of credit courses.
  •   Group application, group admission, group accommodation arrangement etc.


Our 9 Step Course Application Progress


Choose your univerties

 When choosing a university, you need to consider a number of factors, not only whether the school offers this course, but also whether the school’s curriculum is in line with your interests and your career expectation. The same subject is different in different schools, and the curriculum is very different. Make a full comparison by the rankings of the universities (you can refer to Times Ranking, Guardian Ranking, Independent Ranking, University Research Ranking), professional ranking, and student satisfaction survey.


Communicate with the consultant of Sino Links Education Group

After submitting the student information form to our consultants, we can recommend you suitable courses and universities based on your background. If you want more professional advice, we can also provide private consulting services to understand your specific needs and provide advice and assistance.


Check the application deadline

For students applying for undergraduate courses, it is important to submit an application by UCAS’s application deadline. For master courses, considering the increasing number of applicants for UK universities in recent years, the vast majority of UK universities have set application deadlines for popular courses. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact our staff in time to check the latest application deadline.  


Prepare the application materials

You will need to provide academic transcripts, school proofs, personal statements, English IELTS grades, recommendation letters and relevant certificates. We will help you translate the transcripts and relevant certificates, modify personal statements, customize your application plan, and fill out the application form.


Meet with school representatives

You are suggested to take advantage of every opportunity to participate in some campus open day activities, admissions lectures, university education exhibitions and other promotional activities, in order to get the first-hand information of the UK Universities. It is recommended that you contact our staff in time to check the latest activities for each university.


Tracking your application

As the official agency of many UK universities, we will submit your application through the universities’ agent application channel, or submit your application directly to the international department admissions officer if necessary. In order to get you into the ideal university as soon as possible, Sino Links Education Group will be responsible for further communication with your applied universities and we will let you know the details of each step in time.


Waiting for the response from the universities

After submitting your application, you can keep up with the latest developments in your application through our online tracking system. At the same time, all application updates will be sent to your email on time. Most universities will enroll without interview, while some universities may arrange telephone or video interviews. For such situations, we will also give you advice and interview counseling.


Accept the admission and get CAS

You will normally receive a letter of acceptance from the universities within 4-8 weeks. Before you officially accept the admission, you can make a choice to decide which university you want to go eventually. In the process, we will also give you the appropriate advice and suggestions to help you make the most reasonable choice. Once you have determined your university, we will assist you in paying the deposit required to accept the offer. Once you have met all the admission requirements, we will immediately pass all the materials to the university and ask them to provide an electronic version of the Admission Notice (CAS).


UK Visa Application

As the accredited legal advisory agency by UK Immigration Visa Services Committee (OISC), Sino Links International Education Group is legally qualified to provide you with the latest immigration advice and related services. We will assist you in preparing all the materials you need for your visa and will help you review the relevant documents. Applications will be processed in the UK and in our overseas divisions to provide the fastest and most professional service.


Sino Links Education Group has established a good cooperative relationship with more than 85 UK universities including Oxford University. As the world’s best partner of many institutions, we are continuing to consolidate and develop relationships with more institutions.

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