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About Sino UK Links Internship Program Sino UK Links provides a cost effective means to further your international links, with the introduction of skilled Chinese speaking talents who can bring a wealth of cultural and linguistic awareness into your organisation. Sino UK Links has been sourcing top level Chinese students in the UK for years and has helped companies further their international business goals and develop their international trade in areas such as marketing, sales, market research, communication, IT, engineering and many more. We source students for companies through our unique links with Chinese education agents and also from our extensive database of Chinese students who are currently studying in the UK.

What do we offer? Sino UK Links actively recruits student interns and placements for UK companies, to successfully match the skills of Chinese students to the requirements of businesses. We advertise opportunities across UK and China, we interview candidates and organise interviews for you. Once you have selected the candidate(s) you require you will continue to receive the support of Sino UK Links throughout the placement. For example, we will organise your interns’ accommodation, collect them on arrival and remain in regular contact to ensure you are satisfied with the experience.

The role of Sino UK Links  How can Sino UK Links help you? Our service has many benefits for you as the Host Company:

  • The students we provide are selected around the criteria specified by you, allowing us to select the student who most compliments your business.
  • An immediate “native-guide” & further research into new overseas and local markets.
  • First-hand knowledge of the business culture and consumer attitudes of Chinese markets.
  • A solution to language barriers and international communication difficulties.
  • A cost-effective and flexible solution to short term staffing shortages allowing you to fill a position with a highly motivated member of staff.
  • Eliminates the time and trouble of finding temporary workers with the right skills for short-term projects.
  • Savings on both time and money in respect of training, as ourstudents are well-trained young professionals who can contribute immediately to the success of your business.

How are students selected? Initially our project coordinator will discuss your placement opportunity with you in detail. This can be done either face to face or over the telephone. We will then advertise the opportunity in relevant universities and students communities across the UK. We will carry out interviews with applicants who match your requirements and share their details with you. If you want to interview them we will arrange this for you to suit your convenience so that you can make the final selection. Our interview covers the following areas:

  • Level of spoken English
  • Academic background
  • Previous work experience
  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Interests, hobbies & other achievements

What is the role of the HOST Company?

  • An organisation wishing to host a Chinese speakingintern must be in a position to provide a placement that matches the needs of the applicants. As highly skilled people the students – and their universities – will expect that a certain amount of responsibility and a range of activities. They will be skilled enough to handle this – our selection process will ensure it – and be better positioned to achieve successful results for your organisation.
  • A full induction and placement/project brief is conducted during the first week. Sino UK Links can assist with the provision of inductions if required.
  • Students must be allocated a supervisor whom they can turn to for support and direction whenever required. Supervisors should hold regular meetings with interns so that progress can be discussed.
  • Facilities are available on a daily basis, including Desk, Computer, telephone, information and any specialist facilities.
  • As placements are ultimately sanctioned by the student’s university there will be a requirement to fill in some brief paperwork.
  • The host company is required to cover the student’s business travel costs during office time if necessary.

How much will it cost me to use our service? Sino UK Links aims to provide as cost effective a service as possible. The cost effectiveness of the service is further assured as host companies are not required to pay the student interns a salary if the placement is not longer than three months, as the students can work on the volunteering bases and pay their living cost by themselves. The costs are as follows:

  • Placement Management Fee: Extremely competitive, please check with us.  To host a student your company will pay a one off management fee(normally under GBP100 excludes VAT.) according to the length of the placement. The fee covers the administration of the entire placement, including liaising with representatives of the Host Company, creation and promotion of a job specification advertisement, searching for a student, interviewing students, arranging interviews with students and help sourcing accommodation, placement reviews on a regular basis throughout and remaining as contact for student and host throughout.
  • The student’s business travel costs during office time if necessary. This does not involve you paying for international flights and the cost of student’s travel to and from the office each day be it bus, train or tram fares or the price of their fuel. The students will pay for their own accommodation and daily travels.
  • If the length of the placement is longer than three months, please consider to pay to the student interns according to the national wide salary rate.

Benefits for Your Company Sino UK Links help to aid UK businesses in developing links with Chinese speaking communities and overseas Chinese market through the appointment of international students for short term work placements. The projects undertaken by students allow businesses to develop new opportunities, solve existing problems and improve other important aspects of performance. Sino UK Links actively seek students for companies through our relationships with Chinese education agents and from our extensive database of Chinese students who are currently studying in the UK. The students provided by Sino UK Links are selected to match role specifications as set out by our clients. The benefits Sino UK Links can bring to a business are wide and varied. A Sino UK Links recommended student can act as a native guide into new or existing markets, bringing a wealth of cultural, business and linguistic knowledge into an organisation. This can significantly aid UK businesses in breaking down traditional barriers to trade. As well as importing dynamic, skilled students into a company, Sino UK Links also provide a cost effective recruitment solution. Host companies are not expected to pay any salary, accommodation and travel cost to students. We have selected a range of expertise, abilities, skills and languages to give you a flavour on the kind of immediate help you could have in your organisation. We have already pre-screened all these new students and they are all waiting for an internship opportunity and interview. Contact us Contact us today for further details on our students and to place a vacancy for a placement or even for a permanent graduate recruit. To discuss and to advertise your vacancy with us, please email us,

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