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Sino UK Links has our own local travel agency in the UK, with independent fleets, tour guides and a large number of cooperated restaurants, hotels and airlines. Our service covers various types of travel products to meet the needs of different customers of their personalized travel. Our customers range from business group to Chinese tourists to international students and their parents, and oversea Chinese. The main services include: British classic route tour, theme customized travel, group package service and various visas services.

Customise your trip

Professional consultants designed itinerary to meet individual requirements;

Freedom of time/attractions/number of people;

Great deal with no intermediate agencies.

Recommended theme

Whisky, Scottish Ceilidh, Golf, Opera, Performance, High tea, Premier League game, Hunting, Farm, Wedding, Parent-children, Summer Camp, Outdoor,  Business

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Address: 23 Callander Street, Glasgow, UK

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        Telephone: +44 (0) 7403181185

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地址: 23 Callander Street, Glasgow, UK

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电话: +44 (0) 7412891719

    电话+44 (0) 7403181185

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